Why Dog Playgroups?

Most dogs don't get nearly enough exercise. A typical owner will take their dog for a walk once, maybe twice a day. But with a dog playgroup, your dog will get much more exercise running around than a dog walking on a leash will.

We'll come right to your house and pick up your dog for 90 minutes of romping good fun!

And we'll bring your dog home again. You'll come home to a tired, but very happy, pooch.

Lucy's daily adventures are full of safe fun romping with her many pals. She is beyond excited when Susie picks her up, leaving me completely confident that Lucy is in the best hands while I am at work.

—Joey (Lucy's mom)

What is a Dog Playgroup?

Dogs are pack animals and need to socialize with their own kind to be happy. A dog playgroup allows your pet to practice interacting in a fun, active way with other dogs.

Their day includes fun in the park with swimming (summer), ball-fetching, stick-tugging, and playing chase with some of their doggie buddies.

Our walker Susie is great. Our very active chocolate lab & coon Buddy looks forward to going to playgroup twice a week.

We would highly recommend them for your dog. Keep up the good work!

—Sara and Otto (owners of Buddy)

Is my Dog Right for a Dog Playgroup?

The ideal dog for our playgroups is one that loves to play with no aggression issues and must come when called. We're happy to evaluate your dog. Sometimes an owner will say they have a hard time leashing their dog when playtime is over, but we have found the opposite to be true when the dog is out with his buddies; he stays right with the group and comes readily. A dog that loves treats is also a big plus.

What Towns do you Service?

We have clients in the Massachusetts towns of Weston and Wellesley.

How Big are your Dog Playgroups?

While some companies have large playgroups of 10 or more dogs, we like to keep things small. Our groups are never any bigger than five dogs.

I have a Big Backyard. Are Playgroups Really Necessary?

Ever watch Cesar Millan on the Dog Whisperer? If you have you'll know that many of the dog problems like barking when no one is home are partially caused by not enough exercise. Just because a dog is in a big yard does not mean he will run around all by himself. He needs other dogs to encourage him to take part in chase games and play.

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